Excellent Development Manager – Very customer focused with a good understanding of technology.  Has a good eye for application design and the underlying business requirements.  Great guy, a real pleasure to work with.  – Tom. S

Expert, Good Value, High Integrity – Field has the ability to carefully review all of the details in a project, and then organize and appropriate the information, so it makes sense to the end user.  He is easy to work with, patiend and very thorough on all projects.  No matter the challenge, Field can tackle it.  – Kriston S.

Business Manager  – I’ve known and worked with Field  Searcy for over 10 years. In all our  work together, Field has always shown integrity, commitment and  responsibility.

Very Diligent and Creative  –  Field and his company do very good work  and are able to think outside the box to  deliver excellent value and applications  that exceed expectations.

BigBoysLifeStyle.com  –  I have known & worked with Field for a  little over 10 years and find he and his  company to be of the highest moral and  ethical standards possible. He can help you  with your software needs!

SB Service  –  I am always amazed that with all the  different companies and people that I deal  with on a regular basis, most people are not  used to providing really good customer  service. I have used SB Technologies for two  different website designs and whenever I  call or email a request, it is done without  even the need to follow up. In a  service/technology business there is not  much more you can ask for than that. I  recommend their services to everyone. Terry  P.

Field  –  Thanks so much for the attractive and  effective website.  Your work is  excellent.  Fondly, Jane F.